gLiving in the weather-world

Arran Stibbe, University of Gloucestershire

This website is for researchers, teachers, students, and school children who want to build a sense of connectedness with the natural world, both the slowly changing world of plants, animals and the physical environment, and the faster changing world of the weather, as they come together into one weather-world.  It is an environmental education project which draws on ecolinguistics, ecocriticism, anthropology and embodied experience to explore new ways of bringing people into connection with the world that surrounds them. While the initial focus is on engaging with the immediate local environment for health, wellbeing and understanding of natural systems, the larger aim is to build from this embodied experience towards practical action for sustainability and social justice.

On this website you will find the main publication Living in the weather-world: reconnection as a path towards sustainability, which is a 62 page ‘real story’ that explores the weather-world from different angles: the advertisements of travel agents, nature writing, Japanese haiku and animation, philosophy, personal embodied experience and photography. The story is presented in its original English version by Arran Stibbe, in an Italian version co-authored by Jessica Iubini-Hampton, a Turkish translation by Gaye Teksoz, and a Slovenian translation by Janja Lužnik, and . It is intended for teachers, students and older school children, and can be used as teaching material or read just for interest. Please click ‘resources’ above to download these materials.

The project has been carried out as part of an Erasmus+ project, Me We Whole, led by Gaye Teksoz, Middle East Technical University (Turkey), and involving four countries: Turkey, Slovenia, Italy and the UK. The University of Gloucestershire (UK) team is led by Paul Vare, with Tim Morgan, Jessica Iubini-Hampton, Arran Stibbe, Gideon Capie and Ocean Sparks.

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